Bitcoin(BTC) Price to Hit $140K by the End of 2022

Weekends usually forecast a diverse trend, but the past one failed to register any huge spikes. The bears still appear to hold a strong grip over the asset and hence the price may continue to consolidate. However, despite the shaky and uncertain environment, the BTC price is expected to hit levels much above $100k in the upcoming days.

April to Be A Scam Pump Month!

The BTC price fails to gain extreme bullish momentum and ends up forming yet another higher high and higher lows pattern. No doubt the asset is still within a bullish market, yet the surge amid these market structures the rally remains only for some time. And further, a huge plunge may bring back the asset to its initial position very quickly. Therefore, the possibility of BTC’s price hitting the yearly highs around $48,000 is quite possible, but the plunge ahead may drag the price below $38,000.



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